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Retaining Walls by Cruz Construction And Excavating

Built along-side steps to create an impressive entrance, leading up a property to create more green space and interest, or along the base of land that lines up with public property. No matter what your aim, retaining walls are both useful and attractive structures that can be constructed by experienced masonry professionals.

At Cruz Construction And Excavating, we’ve been creating retaining walls that are purely functional, as well as those that are purely decorative for many years.

By working with our clients closely to ensure that we’re constructing exactly what they envision, we have a high rate of client satisfaction and don’t plan on losing that reputation any time soon!

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Residential Retaining Wall Design

While some retaining wall contractors have the skills and techniques to create effective walls, not all of them have the creativity for the design process.

Every member of our Cruz Construction And Excavating crew is invested in their industry and up to date on all of the latest design trends.

So, if you come to us with the need for a wall to separate your property for a public sidewalk or put a stop to erosion, we can let you know about how we can make it not just functional, but attractive as well.

Segmental Retaining Wall

Constructed without mortar or footings, segmental walls are an economical and flexible option that allows for a bit more than a poured concrete retaining wall or even a sandstone or limestone retaining wall.

Building with interlocking blocks, we can achieve horizontal or vertical curves, and without having to construct footings, can complete the job faster than ever. Working with manufactured materials you’ll also have the option for a range of coloring, sizing, and textures.

Segmental retaining walls are ideal for a property with a natural slope where gravity can help do the job mortar and footings would have. 

Building a Retaining Wall on a Slope

Retaining walls can either build up a flatter property, or embellish a sloped property. At Cruz Construction And Excavating, when we assess your land we’ll determine what techniques need to be used for your land.

Retaining wall construction on a slope is slightly more difficult, in that excavation will be required. But when you look to retaining wall cost, you won’t see a huge difference. The typical range for a wall remains between $2,846-$7,534 with a potential low end of $1,200 for smaller projects.

Invest in Professionalism

No matter how large or small the retaining wall installation, we recommend working with professionals every time. Repairs due to poor planning and construction can run you between $650 and $1,900.

But when you rely on Cruz Construction And Excavating to get the job done, you’ll be investing in years of experience, a team that has all the tools so you don’t have to run out and buy anything, as well as contractor rates for materials. Not to mention, when it comes to building to code, we know all the local legislations and can work within these guidelines, so you don’t have to worry about mistakes.

Give us a call today, and we’ll even start our first meeting with a free estimate for services and materials.

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